Young Writers: Change

Young Writers: Change

Grace Q. Song is back curating another Young Writers episode!

Shrinking Sestina for Women’s Bodies” by Emma Janssen (published in The Nassau Literary Review and runner-up in their 2023 National Undergraduate Art & Writing Contest)

Emma is a writer from the Bay Area and student at the University of Chicago who can be found swimming, learning languages, and chasing after street cats. 

Twitter: @EmmaRJanssen

I Have Abandoned My Old Haunts” by Yong-Yu Huang (published in The Penn Review)

Yong-Yu Huang is a Taiwanese writer raised in Malaysia. On Twitter, I’m @yongsnotolds and my website is

Katipunan” by Carmen Dolina (republished in HEIGHTS after the original publication, Horde, shut down)

Carmen Dolina is a Filipino computer science graduate, game development student, and poet whose work has appeared in HADhordeTLDTD, and Sweet Tree Review, among others.

Social media handles: @carmendolina on Twitter and Instagram


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