Who We Are

We’re just a few writers who read entirely too much flash and poetry on the Internet and thought it might be a good idea to put together a podcast with a simple format: an intro, author/publication info, 2-3 short writings read by the writer, some transition music. That’s it.

Micro’s mission is to elevate small works with big voices and the writers and publications behind them.

What We’re Looking For

Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? What is microfiction? What poems count? Maybe a story told in fewer than 300 words. Perhaps a piece that takes roughly 2-3 minutes to read. It’s a vibe though, right? Haven’t we all seen flash peddled as micro and micro sold as flash? If you have a piece that you think would be a good fit, send us a message about it through the contact page. And yes, you can nominate your own work. Writing is hard. If you managed to get something you wrote published, you should be proud of it.

There are 2 things that we want for certain:

  1. We want a piece that is short and takes less than 3 minutes to read.
  2. We want a published piece so we can also promote the publication.

What Counts as Published?

Our definition is loose, but anything in literary journals and magazines, winners of contests, etc. We’re looking to promote both you (the writer) and the place where you’re published, so no self-published work. Online publications work best so listeners can find your work in the original publication. Note: some journals retain the rights to the work they publish. If you’re unsure about publishing rights and don’t know whether you can read your work, ask the journal! If you’re part of a journal and don’t feel comfortable with an author reading on our show, please email us and we will remove the work. We’re just here to promote and share great art, not infringe on any creative licenses.


WA “Drew” Hawkins (He/Him)

Producer, Host, Curator

Drew Hawkins is a writer and journalist who spent countless hours in quarantine reading flash and poetry on Twitter and had the idea to curate a space that would further elevate small works and writers.

Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Dylan Evers (She/Her)

Editor, Curator

Dylan Evers is a third culture kid interested in amplifying stories from the margins. She graduated with her MFA from the University of New Orleans and won a few awards for her thesis. When she’s not tending to her small children and large dogs, you can find her reading copious amounts of flash and working on her first novel.

Follow her on Twitter.

M.M. Kaufman (She/Her)

Social Media Manager, Curator

M.M. Kaufman lives in New Orleans where she earned an MFA in the University of New Orleans Creative Writing Workshop. She holds a BA from Agnes Scott College and is a Fulbright Scholar for her time teaching in Indonesia. She is the Managing Editor at Rejection Letters, manages social for The Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Literary Festival, the Saints & Sisters LGBTQ Festival, and Micro Podcast, which she also helps curate. 

Find her on Twitter @mm_kaufman and on her website: mmkaufman.com.

Kirsten Reneau (She/Her)

Interviews, Curator

Kirsten Reneau is a sometimes-journalist who received her MFA from the University of New Orleans. Her creative work has been nominated for a couple of awards and won a few. In her spare time she is also the Operations Manager for The Daily Drunk.

She can be found by shaking a jar of acorns, on Twitter @reneauglow, or at her website: kirstenreneau.com.