Send us a message! If you’re submitting a piece to be considered for the show, please include a link to the piece (if possible), and maybe a few words about what you love about it (if you want, no pressure, we just love hearing about why you love your work).

Note: Make sure you have the rights to your work! Usually, a journal/mag will list that info in the submissions or rights section of their website. If you aren’t sure, ask one of the editors! We’re just here to promote and share great art, not infringe on any creative licenses.

WE ARE OPEN FOR SUBS! From August 14 – September 18!

Some submission guidelines:

Use our contact/submissions page (this one) to send us your work!

Please only submit one (1) piece. Send us the one you’d love to read the most.

Please send just a link to the piece. No recordings. If you’d like to tell us why you love this piece, feel free! We love hearing it.

The piece should take three (3) minutes or less to read, which usually shakes out to around 300 words, but isn’t an exact science.

Pieces must be previously published so we can credit and shoutout the publication. If it’s print-only, send us a note and we can figure out how to link an image to the piece. If you aren’t sure if you have the rights to your work, reach out to the editors!

If you have any questions, send us a note and we’ll get back to you!

And if you’d just like to send us a message because you love us and/or you just want to say hey, we’d love to hear from you!