Skaryd x Sanni x Abraham

Skaryd x Sanni x Abraham

Ryan Skaryd is the co-host of the Autofocus literary podcast; his chapbook bottle rockets was released in 2019 by ZED Press. Timi Sanni is an NF2W scholar in poetry and fiction and loves to dabble in experimental writing. George Abraham is a Palestinian-American poet, writer, and Bioengineering Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University. 

Links and Info:

Ryan Skaryd

“Of All People, Lady Gaga Shows Up to My Housewarming Party”

bottle rockets

HAD: (Twitter: @havehadhavehad)

Timi Sanni


Twitter: @timisanni

Instagram: @timixsanni

Ice Floe Press: (Twitter: @IcefloeP)

George Abraham



Twitter: @IntifadaBatata

Instagram: @IntifadaBatata

Button Poetry: (Twitter: @buttonpoetry; Instagram: @buttonpoetry; Facebook: @ButtonPoetry)

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