Ntuli x Mastricova x Wagle

Ntuli x Mastricova x Wagle

Sihle Ntuli is a South African poet from Durban. Matthew Mastricova is a writer based in New York. Jaya Wagle is a former Indian expat and current U.S. citizen.


Welcome to Micro, a podcast for short but powerful writing. I’m your host, Drew Hawkins.

Pressure cookers, arid soil, and too many Pokemon cards. This episode uses time as a landscape and plays with the concept of origin.

Our first piece is a poem that encapsulates the passage of a day, both cyclical and final. It’s called “The Sun Turns on Us.” It was written by Sihle Ntuli, and published in The Hellebore Press. Enjoy.

Sihle Ntuli is a South African poet from Durban, his latest chapbook is called “Rumblin” from Uhlanga Press. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook at @sihlexntuli. 

Our second piece plays with possibility, telling two stories at once: what is, and what could have been. It’s called “Imagining My Father if Instead of My Grandfather He Had Been His Own Father.” It was written by Matthew Mastricova and published in Hobart After Dark, aka HAD. Enjoy.

Matthew Mastricova is a writer based in New York. You can find them on Twitter @mattmastricova, on Instagram at @bidoofaloof, or on their website at matthewmastricova.com.

Our third and final piece tells one story of one person, split across time and space, with an unfulfilled yearning. Written by Jaya Wagle and published in The Jellyfish Review, it’s called “Toba Tek Singh.” Enjoy.

Jaya Wagle is a former Indian expat and current U.S. citizen whose non-fiction has appeared in Barrelhouse, Pithead Chapel, Rumpus, Bending Genres, Janus Literary, Maudlin House and elsewhere. She can be occasionally found on Twitter and Instagram at @desisoccermom.

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