Harris x Osawaru x McPherson

Harris x Osawaru x McPherson

Paula Harris lives in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Praise Osawaru is a writer and editor of Bini descent. Sarah McPherson is a Sheffield-based writer and poet.


Welcome to Micro, a podcast for short but powerful writing. I’m your host, Drew Hawkins.

Static, sweat, and butterflies. Sparks fly in this episode in an ode to shapes and chemistry. 

Our first piece begins with an epigraph and takes it to its illogical conclusion. We are always in favour of cloud poems. It’s called “you freak me” by Paula Harris and published in SWWIM (Supporting Women Writers in Miami). Enjoy

Paula Harris lives in Aotearoa/New Zealand; her writing has been published in various journals, including The Sun, Hobart, Passages North and Aotearotica. You can find her on Twitter at @paulaoffkilter, on Instagram at @paulaharris_poet, or on Facebook at @paulaharrispoet.

In our next piece, shards, dust, and rain coalesce in this beautifully vivid moment by Praise Osawaru. Published in Honey Literary, it’s called “Off 19th Street.” Enjoy.

Praise Osawaru, a writer & editor of Bini descent, has works in FIYAH, Frontier Poetry, & Down River Road, among others, and is the winner of the 2021 Valiant Scribe Poetry Prize. You can find him on Twitter & Instagram: @wordsmithpraise, on Facebook at Praise Osawaru. Or on his Linktree at wordsmithpraise.

Peach schnapps, mercury and friction. How will you know there’s chemistry? Sarah McPherson answers in her piece, aptly titled, “When You’ll know” which was published in Ellipsis Zine. Enjoy.

Sarah McPherson is a Sheffield-based writer and poet, with work published in Ellipsis Zine, Splonk, The Cabinet of Heed, Janus Literary, Best Microfiction 2021, and elsewhere. You can find her on Twitter at @summer_ moth or on her website at theleadedwindow.blogspot.com.

That’s our show everybody, thank you so much for listening. Micro is edited and curated by the wonderful Dylan Evers and produced and hosted by plain old me, Drew Hawkins. Our theme song is by the talented Matt Ordes. 

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