Zambrano x Harris x Naimon

Zambrano x Harris x Naimon

Tara Isabel Zambrano is a writer of color and author of Death, Desire, And Other Destinations from Okay Donkey Press. Paula Harris lives in Aotearoa/New Zealand; her writing has been published in various journals, including The Sun, Hobart, Passages North, and Aotearotica. David Naimon is a writer of prose and poetry, and host of the literary podcast Between the Covers in Portland, Oregon.

Links and Info:

Tara Isabel Zambrano 

“A Brief Progression of Natural Disasters”

Twitter: @theinnerzone

Instagram: @tizambrano


Jellyfish Review: (Twitter: @JellyfishReview; Instagram: @jellyfishreviewig; Facebook: @jellyfishreview)

Paula Harris

“Chris pauses…”

Twitter: @paulaoffkilter

Instagram: @paulaharris_poet

Facebook: @paulaharrispoet


Twin Pies Literary: (Twitter: @twinpieslit)

David Naimon

“Past a Roar Completed” (Print Only)

Twitter: @DavidNaimon

Facebook: @david.naimon


Fiction International: (Twitter: @FictIntl; Facebook: @FictIntl)