Whalen x Koewing x Smith

Whalen x Koewing x Smith

Brian Phillip Whalen is the author of Semiotic Love [Stories], and his work appears in The Southern Review, Creative Nonfiction, the Flash Nonfiction Food anthology, and elsewhere. Wilson Koewing is a writer from South Carolina. His work has recently appeared in Bending Genres, Maudlin House, New World Writing, X-R-A-Y, and Trampset. Bud Smith lives in Jersey City.

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Brian Phillip Whalen

“The Father Bell” (Print Only)

Semiotic Love [Stories]: Order Here

Twitter: @bookaboutawhale

Instagram: @brianphillipwhalen

Facebook: @brianphillipwhalen

Website: brianphillipwhalen.com

Blue Earth Review: blueearthreview.mnsu.edu (Twitter: @BlueEarthReview)

Awst Press: awst-press.com (Twitter: @AwstPress; Facebook: @AwstPress; Instagram: @awstpress)

Wilson Koewing


Twitter: @WKoewing

Website: wilsonkoewing.com

Free Flash Fiction: freeflashfiction.com (Twitter: @fffict)

Bud Smith

“Some Statues I Know”

Twitter: @Bud_Smith

Instagram: @budsmith

Website: coolgoodluck.com

Hobart: hobartpulp.com (Twitter: @hobartpulp)