Tenor x Goveas x Song

Tenor x Goveas x Song

Kristin Tenor is the flash-fiction editor at CRAFT and has work in Bending Genres, Emerge Literary Journal, and elsewhere. Anita Goveas is British-Indian, based in London and her flash fiction collection Families and Other Natural Disasters is available from Reflex Press. Grace Q. Song is a poetry and fiction writer whose work has been included in Best Microfiction, Best Small Fictions, and Best of the Net; she will be attending Columbia University in Fall 2021. 

Links and Info:

Kristin Tenor

“I Am the Chrysalis Waiting for You to Break Free”

Twitter: @KristinTenor

Website: kristintenor.com

Milk Candy Review: milkcandyreview.home.blog (Twitter: @moonrabbitcandy)

Anita Goveas

“Counting Magpies”

Twitter: @coffeeandpaneer

Website: coffeeandpaneer.wordpress.com

Third Point Press: thirdpointpress.com (Twitter: @ThirdPointPress; Facebook: @ThirdPointPress)

Grace Q. Song

“Find X”

Twitter: @grasoceng

Instagram: @grasoceng

Website: graceqsong.weebly.com

Passages North: passagesnorth.com (Twitter: @PassagesNorth; Instagram: @passagesnorth; Facebook: @passages.north)