Sippie x Collier x Howard

Sippie x Collier x Howard

Josh Sippie is a NYC-based writer. Amy Collier once saw Fabio at an airport. Krissy Howard is a New Mexico-based writer.


Welcome to Micro, a podcast for short, but powerful writing. I’m your host, Drew Hawkins.

Minotaurs, career goals, and self-proclaimed “good dudes.” Today’s episode features three tongue-in-cheek comedy pieces, all with subjects that are hotly debated. A reminder that persuasion can sometimes come with a laugh.

In our first piece, join in on a group of tenth graders in a class that is part sex-ed, part anatomy, and fully remarkable. Written by Josh Sippie and published in Neuro Logical Literary Magazine, it’s called “Boys and Cows.” Enjoy.

Josh Sippie is a NYC-based writer, editor of The Razor, and associate editor at Uncharted Mag. You can find him on Twitter at @sippenator10, or on his website at

Our second piece, titled “Whimsical Abortion Procedures,” offers options you may not have heard of, involving storks and confetti. Written by Amy Collier, it was published in The Rumpus. Enjoy.

Amy Collier once saw Fabio at an airport. You can find her on Twitter at @Amy_Corp, on Instagram at @Amy Collier, or on her website at

“Diverse Scene Welcomes Second White Woman,” writes Krissy Howard for The Hard Times. Of course, all the guys driven to punk shows by their mothers have something to say about it. Our third and final comedy piece. Enjoy.

Krissy Howard is a New Mexico-based writer and currently works as managing editor for punk satire site, The Hard Times. You find can her on Instagram at @peoplefoood.

Welp, that’s our last laugh and the end of the show. This episode was edited and curated by Dylan Evers and produced and hosted by me, Drew Hawkins. Our theme song is by Matt Ordes. MayMay Kaufman runs our social media.

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