Reneau x Duckler x Jones

Reneau x Duckler x Jones

Kirsten Reneau is a creative nonfiction editor at Bayou Magazine, and has been previously published in The Threepenny Review, Hobart, Trampset, and others. Merridawn Duckler has been published in New Flash Fiction, FRiGG, Hobart. Fiona M. Jones lives in Scotland and writes very short pieces, usually about trees and things.

Links and Info:

Kirsten Reneau

“Cosmonauts Used to Carry Guns in Space”

Twitter: @ReneauGlow

Instagram: @ReneauGlow


HAD: (Twitter: @havehadhavehad)

Merridawn Duckler

“Parable of the Drought”

Twitter: @MerridawnD

Instagram: @MerridawnDuckler


No Contact: (Twitter: @nocontactmag)

Fiona M. Jones


Twitter: @FiiJ20

Facebook: @FiiJ20

Longleaf Review: (Twitter: @longleafreview)