Kruft x Tait x Yapalater

Kruft x Tait x Yapalater

J. Edward Kruft is a fiction writer and an editor-at-large at trampset who is no longer banned from Nordstrom. Alyson Tait lives with her husband, daughter, and corgi, and somehow manages to still get writing done. Sophia Yapalater is a fourth-year medical student and writer based in Philadelphia.

Links and Info:

J. Edward Kruft

“Two Boys Downtown at Play”

Twitter: @jedwardkruft


X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine: (Twitter: @xraylitmag)

Alyson Tait

“Childhood’s End”

Twitter: @Rudexvirus1

(mac)ro(mic): (Twitter: @mac_ro_mic)

Sophia Yapalater

“Facing Death in a Pandemic”

Twitter: @SYapalater

Instagram: @loxloxbagel

Annals of Internal Medicine: (Twitter: @AnnalsofIM)