Jones x Bell x Foran

Jones x Bell x Foran

Anna Vangala Jones is the author of the short story collection Turmeric & Sugar forthcoming from Thirty West Publishing in May 2021. Terena Elizabeth Bell is a fiction writer originally from Sinking Fork, Kentucky, now living in New York. Pat Foran is a writer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Anna Vangala Jones

“How Then”

Twitter: @anniejo_17

Instagram: @anniejowrites


pidgeonholes: (Twitter: @pidgeonholes)

Terena Elizabeth Bell

“Rigor Mortis”

Twitter: @TerenaBell


Juked: (Twitter: @JukedMagazine)

Pat Foran

“I Sang the Telephone Book to You the Day You Hung Yourself”

Twitter: @pdforan


Wigleaf: (Twitter: @Wigleaf)