Humphreys x Mohanty x Hume

Humphreys x Mohanty x Hume

Nicola Humphreys writes short stories of connection, sonder and home on her blog, and all of her dresses have pockets. Abhinita Mohanty is a PhD student at IIT Madras. Ulrica Hume is the author of An Uncertain Age, a spiritual mystery novel, and House of Miracles, a collection of tales about love, one of which was selected by PEN and broadcast on NPR.

Links and Info:

Nicola Humphreys


Twitter: @nicolawitters


Dime Show Review: (Twitter: @DimeShowReview)

Abhinita Mohanty

“Vein of the Earth”

Twitter: @AbhinitaMohanty


Green Ink Poetry: (Twitter: @GreenInkPoetry)

Ulrica Hume


Twitter: @uhume


Lunate: (Twitter: @lunatefiction)