Haven x Balagopal x Butler

Haven x Balagopal x Butler

Chris Haven teaches writing at Grand Valley State University in Michigan and was listed in Best American Short Stories 2020. Sudha Balagopal’s flash fiction appears in journals worldwide, has been nominated for several awards, and is listed in the Wigleaf Top 50. Robert Olen Butler, who won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for a book of short stories, loves even shorter stories.

Links and Info:

Chris Haven

“The Unreliable Narrator Apologizes”

Twitter: @ChrisLHaven

Website: chrishavenwriter.com

Okay Donkey Magazine: okaydonkeymag.com (Twitter: @okaydonkeymag)

Sudha Balagopal

“Brideshopping in Bell Bottoms and Sideburns”

Twitter: @authorsudha

Website: sudhabalagopal.com

Pidgeonholes: pidgeonholes.com (Twitter: @pidgeonholes)

Robert Olen Butler

“Robert Olen Butler, writer, decapitated on the job, 2008”

Facebook: Robert Olen Butler

Twitter: @RobtOlenButler

Instagram: @robertolenbutler

Website: robertolenbutler.com

No Exit Press: noexit.co.uk (Twitter: @noexitpress)

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