Graham x Press x Ahern x O’Callaghan

Graham x Press x Ahern x O’Callaghan

Lori Graham is an American writer who lives in England with her partner, Natascha. Anna Press is a writer and teacher originally from Los Angeles, CA, now living in New York. Ed Ahern has had over three hundred stories and poems published, as well as six books and currently sits on the review board at Bewildering Stories. Amanda O’Callaghan is an Irish-Australian writer.

Links and Info:

Lori Graham

“Winter Solstice in Dunwich”

Twitter: @WanderingPoetUK


The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls Literary Journal: (Twitter: @TFalls)

Anna Press

“Single Mom Sea Nymph”

Twitter: @annaepress


perhappened mag: (Twitter: @perhappened)

Ed Ahern

“Gustavo’s Rite”

Twitter: @bottomstripper

Instagram: @edwardahern1860


Amanda O’Callaghan

“Tying the Boats”

Twitter: @ocallaghanac


Bath Flash Fiction Award: (Twitter: @BathFlashAward)