Faris x Bates x greathouse

Faris x Bates x greathouse

Nada Faris is a writer and performance poet from Kuwait. Gabrielle Bates works for Open Books: A Poem Emporium and co-hosts the podcast The Poet Salon; poems from her book-in-progress, Judas Goat, have appeared in the New Yorker, Ploughshares, and Poetry Magazine. torrin a. greathouse is a transgender cripple-punk, 2021 National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, and author of Wound from the Mouth of a Wound published by Milkweed Editions in 2020.

Links and Info:

Nada Faris

“Marshmallow in a Bottle”

Twitter: @nadafaris

Instagram: @thenadafaris

Website: nadafaris.com

No Contact: nocontactmag.com (Twitter: @nocontactmag)

Gabrielle Bates

“How Judas Died”

Twitter: @GabrielleBates

Instagram: @gabrielle_bates_

Website: gabriellebat.es

Gulf Coast Journal: gulfcoastmag.org (Twitter: @Gulf_Coast)

The Adroit Journal: theadroitjournal.org (Twitter: @adroitjournal)

torrin a. greathouse

“Phlebotomy, as Told by the Blood”

Twitter: @tagreathouse

Instagram: @tagreathouse

Website: torringreathouse.com

Academy of American Poets: poets.org (@POETSorg)