Emmanuel x Hallberg x Ransome

Emmanuel x Hallberg x Ransome

Precious Emmanuel is a law student living in Kano, Nigeria. Christy Alexander Hallberg serves as Senior Associate Editor of North Carolina Literary Review and editor of Flash Friday USA at Litro Magazine. Nayyir Ransome writes things and hopes people like it, they’re really bad at professional bios though.

Links and Info:

Precious Emmanuel

“Life Imitates Art, Sometimes Death Does Too”

Twitter: @PreciousTobi_

Website: itsjustrambling.wordpress.com

Mbari: mbarilibrary.wixsite.com/website (Twitter: @Mbarifeed)

Christy Alexander Hallberg


Twitter: @ChristyHallberg

Instagram: @christyhallberg/

Website: christyalexanderhallberg.com/

Fiction Southeast: fictionsoutheast.com/ (Twitter: @FicSoutheast)

Nayyir Ransome

“Pink Postcard” from their debut collection of poems and essays titled Peeling Bandages.

Twitter: @Nayy_Ransome

Instagram: @nayyirransome

Peeling Bandages is available for purchase!