Editor Edition: Shekhar x Burch x Grieco

Editor Edition: Shekhar x Burch x Grieco

Gauraa Shekhar is a Founding Editor of No Contact. Aaron Burch is the Founding Editor of Hobart and HAD. Hannah Grieco is an editor at JMWW Journal and Porcupine Literary.

Links and Info:

Gauraa Shekhar

“Write About Race”

Twitter: @bloodandGauraa

Instagram: @bloodandGauraa

Website: gauraashekhar.com

Rejection Letters: rejection-letters.com (Twitter: @rejectionlit)

No Contact: nocontactmag.com (Twitter: @nocontactmag)

Aaron Burch

“Double Decker Elegy”

Twitter: @Aaron__Burch

Instagram: @Aaron__Burch

Website: aaronburch.net

Taco Bell Quarterly: tacobellquarterly.org (Twitter: @TBQuarterly)

Hobart: hobartpulp.com (Twitter: @hobartpulp)

HAD: havehashad.com (Twitter: @havehadhavehad)

Hannah Grieco

“so you don’t hear me”

Twitter: @writesloud

Website: hgrieco.com

Pithead Chapel: pitheadchapel.com (Twitter: @PitheadChapel)

JMWW Journal: jmwwblog.wordpress.com (Twitter: @jmwwjournal)

Porcupine Literary: porcupineliterary.com (Twitter: @PorcupineLit)