Editor Edition: Griffiths x Potvin x Allen

Editor Edition: Griffiths x Potvin x Allen

Siân Griffiths edits flash for American Short Fiction and short stories for Barrelhouse. Pascale Potvin is the Editor-in-Chief of Wrongdoing Magazine and on staff for many other publications. Christopher Allen is the editor of SmokeLong Quarterly.

Links and Info:

Siân Griffiths


Twitter: @BorrowedHorses

Website: sbgriffiths.com

American Short Fiction: americanshortfiction.org (Facebook: @americanshortfiction; Instagram: @americanshortfiction)

Barrelhouse: barrelhousemag.com (Twitter: @barrelhouse; Instagram: @barrelhousemag; Facebook: @barrelhousemag)

Ninth Letter: ninthletter.com (Twitter: @ninthletter; Facebook: @ninthletter)


“Ice Prick”

Twitter: @pascalepalaces

Instagram: @pascale.francoise

Website: pascalepotvin.com

Wrongdoing Magazine: wrongdoingmag.com (Twitter: @wrongdoingmag; Instagram: @wrongdoingmag)

Hecate Magazine: hecate-magazine.com (Twitter: @hecatemag; Instagram: @hecatemagazine)

Christopher Allen

“What If All the Oceans”

Twitter: @Christopher_All

Website: christopherallenwrites.com

SmokeLong Quarterly: smokelong.com (Twitter: @SmokeLong; Instagram: @smokelongq; Facebook: @smokelong)

Gone Lawn: journal.gonelawn.net (Twitter: @gonelawn)