Editor Edition: Cimmone x Norlander x Devane

Editor Edition: Cimmone x Norlander x Devane

C. Cimmone is an author and comic. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Versification. Crow Jonah Norlander is the Managing Editor of X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine and co-💀 of HAD. He lives in Maine with his wife, child, and retired racing greyhounds. Emily Devane is a writer, teacher from West Yorkshire in the U.K, and an editor at FlashBack Fiction.

Links and Info:

C. Cimmone

“Meteor Shower”

Twitter: @diefunnier

Website: ccimmone.com

Malarkey Books: malarkeybooks.com (Twitter: @MalarkeyBooks)

Versification: versificationzine.com (Twitter: @VerseZine)

Crow Jonah Norlander

“Happy Accident”

Twitter: @crowjonah

Instagram: @crowjonah

Back Patio Press: backpatio.press (Twitter: @PatioBack)

X–R-A-Y Literary Magazine: xraylitmag.com (Twitter: @xraylitmag; Facebook: @xraylitmag)

HAD: havehashad.com (Twitter: @havehadhavehad)

Emily Devane

“Something Like Happy”

Twitter: @DevaneEmily (Teaching Profile: @WordsMoor)

Lost Balloon: lost-balloon.com (Twitter: @lostballoonmag; Facebook: @lostballon)

FlashBack Fiction: flashbackfiction.com (Twitter: @FlashBackFic)