Duarte x Barton x Evans

Duarte x Barton x Evans

Marilyn Duarte’s work has appeared in various print and online journals, most recently, Emerge Literary Journal, Anti-Heroin Chic, and (mac)ro(mic). Cath Barton is an English writer who has had two novellas published and is currently working on a third, as well as pieces of flash fiction betwixt and between. Jessica Evans is the Editor-in-Chief of Twin Pies Literary, a mentor with the Veterans Writing Project, and her work has been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes.  

Links and Info:

Marilyn Duarte

“North 19th Street”

Twitter: @MareDuarte28

Website: marilynduartewriter.com

(mac)ro(mic): macromic.org (Twitter: @mac_ro_mic)

Cath Barton 

“The Man I Am Not Marrying”

Twitter: @CathBarton1

Facebook: @cath.barton.5

Website: cathbarton.com

Spelk: spelkfiction.com (Twitter: @SpelkFiction)

Jessica Evans

“How to Pass a GED Test When Stoned, Having Just Locked Keys Inside the Car”

Twitter: @jesssica__evans

Website: jessicaevans.me

Sublunary Review: sublunaryreview.com (Twitter: @SublunaryReview)