Byas x Anastasiadou x Guante

Byas x Anastasiadou x Guante

Taylor Byas is a Black poet and essayist, and the author of the chapbook Bloodwarm, forthcoming from Variant Lit this summer. Mileva Anastasiadou is a neurologist, from Athens, Greece, whose work can be found in Litro, HAD, Ruminate, and elsewhere. Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre is a poet, activist, and educator based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Links and Info:

Taylor Byas

“On Hesitation”

Twitter: @TaylorByas3

Instagram: @taylorbyaspoet


perhappened mag: (Twitter: @perhappened; Instagram: @perhappened)

Mileva Anastasiadou

“My Husband Bought Me a River”

Twitter: @happymil_

Instagram: @happilander

Facebook: milevaanastasiadou

Lost Balloon: (Twitter: @lostballoonmag; Facebook: @lostballon)

Kyle “Guante” Tran Myhre


Twitter: @elguante

Instagram: @guantesolo


Button Poetry: (Twitter: @buttonpoetry; Instagram: @buttonpoetry; Facebook: @ButtonPoetry)