Brownlee x Mitchell x Fish

Brownlee x Mitchell x Fish

Melissa Llanes Brownlee is a native Hawaiian writer living in Japan. Matt Mitchell is intersex as hell and wrote The Neon Hollywood Cowboy published by Big Lucks in 2021. Kathy Fish’s most recent work may be found in the Norton Reader, Copper Nickel, Washington Square Review, and is forthcoming in Ploughshares.

Links and Info:

Melissa Llanes Brownlee

“To Ever Love One Girl”

Twitter: @lumchanmfa

Instagram: @lumchanmfa


Milk Candy Review: (Twitter: @moonrabbitcandy)

Matt Mitchell

“Lay Me on the Table + Put Flowers in My Mouth”

Twitter: @matt_mitchell48


The Neon Hollywood Cowboy: Order Here

Frontier Poetry: (Twitter: @FrontierPoetry)

Kathy Fish

“Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild”

Twitter: @kathyfish


Jellyfish Review: (Twitter: @JellyfishReview)