Comedy Special: Broussard x Merrifield x Shub

Comedy Special: Broussard x Merrifield x Shub

Megan Broussard is a writer and producer in New York City, currently at discovery+ and writing most recently for ABC’s The Chase. John Merrifield is a comedian, activist, freelance writer, and satirist from Lafayette, Louisiana who now lives in Brooklyn. Megan Peck Shub is a writer and producer; she currently works as a segment producer at Last Week Tonight on HBO.

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Megan Broussard

“I Dated My Boyfriend Just So I Could Put Mascara on His Long-ass Lashes”

Twitter: @megsbroussard

Instagram: @megsbroussard

Medium: @megsbroussard



Twitter: @Reductress

Instagram: @Reductress

John Merrifield

“Help! I Bought a Second Roomba To Battle My First and They’ve Joined Forces To Kill Me”

Twitter: @jbmerrifield

Facebook: @jbmerrifield

Instagram: @jbmerrifield


The Hard Times:

Twitter: @REALpunknews

Instagram: @thehardtimesnews

Megan Peck Shub

“I Am the Dead Mom From the Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies”

Twitter: @meganpeckshub

McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies:

Twitter: @mcsweeneys

Instagram: @mcswys