Briscuso x Carle x Dimitrov

Briscuso x Carle x Dimitrov

Alexis Briscuso is a writer, film critic, and radio host living in Brooklyn. K.B. Carle lives and writes outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a flock of geese, one very shy gopher, two spies disguised as vultures, several cardinals, and her nemesis, a nosey, obnoxious woodpecker. Alex Dimitrov is a poet in New York. 

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Alexis Briscuso

“boondock saints”

Twitter: @nikonamerica

Instagram: @nikonamerica


Maudlin House: (Twitter: @MaudlinHouse; Instagram: @maudlin_house; Facebook: @maudlinhouse)

K.B. Carle 

“In the Dark Room”

Twitter: @kbcarle

Instagram: @kbcarle

Facebook: @kbcarle


Hoot Review: (Twitter: @HOOTreview; Facebook: @HOOTReview)

Alex Dimitrov


Twitter: @alexdimitrov

A Poem Called Love: @apoemcalledlove


PEN America: (Twitter: @PENamerica; Instagram: @penamerica; Facebook: @PENamerica)