Besley x Corson x Sharma x Clark

Besley x Corson x Sharma x Clark

Laura Besley is a writer of short and super-short fiction. Josh Corson is a poet and educator usually playing guitar or PlayStation instead of writing. Ankita Sharma is a writer and artist based in India and has authored four titles. Neil Clark writes tiny stories from his tiny flat in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has released a book of them titled, Time. Wow., published by Back Patio Press.

Links and Info:

Laura Besley

“Mother Tongue” (from the collection titled: 100neHundred available May 2021)

Twitter: @laurabesley

Arachne Press: (Twitter: @ArachnePress)

Josh Corson

“The Addict as a Dog Walker”

Twitter: @ItsSidewalkSam

Instagram: @josh_corson_


The Offing: (Twitter: @theoffingmag)

Ankita Sharma

“Cleric’s Laugh” (print only)

Twitter: @AnkitaSharma_26

Instagram: @ankita.s.26

BRAG Magazine: (Twitter: @BragWriters)

Neil Clark

“Universe in a Box”

Twitter: @NeilRClark


Splonk: (Twitter: @Splonk1)