Mother’s Day Special: Barnes x Brody x Barker

Mother's Day Special: Barnes x Brody x Barker

Amy Barnes is an associate editor for Fractured Lit with work published in FlashBack Fiction, Popshot Quarterly, and elsewhere. Lori Sambol Brody writes from Southern California and has been published in Wigleaf, SmokeLong Quarterly, New Orleans Review, the Best Small Fictions anthology, and elsewhere. Abbie Barker is a fiction writer and creative writing instructor living in New Hampshire with her husband and two kids.

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Amy Barnes


Twitter: @amygcb

Reflex Press: (Twitter: @reflexfiction; Instagram: @reflexfiction; Facebook: @reflexfiction)

Lori Sambol Brody

“It’s Time to Push”

Twitter: @LoriSambolBrody


Craft Literary: (Twitter: @CraftLiterary; Instagram: @craftliterary; Facebook: @CRAFTliterary)

Abbie Barker

“Store Aisles I Passed Through Before Leaving Town”

Twitter: @AbbieMBarker

trampset: (Twitter: @trampset)